When we first opened, we had ten wine varieties available for purchase. Over time, we’ve gained several new varieties of all levels of sweetness ranging from 0% residual sugar to 18% residual sugar. Luckily for us, our vineyards are thriving and our winemakers are constantly experimenting with new varietals and blends. Our tasting menu is in constant flux, so keep checking in for any changes that may be made over time! For more information on the specific wines we offer, please browse our individual wine pages.

We now offer bottle sales online in addition to in-winery and over-the-phone sales! We offer bulk purchase discounts of 10% for 6 bottles or more and 15% for 12 bottles (one case) or more.

**Please review the list of states at the bottom of this page to see if we can legally ship to your state.**

If you’re looking to find our wines in liquors stores and restaurants in New York, check out our updated listing here.





Canned Wine

** We can legally ship wine to residents of these states: Alaska, California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina and the District of Columbia.