Upcoming Harvest

A few words and thoughts from Kris Kane, winemaker and co-owner:

Well, when I reflect back on everything we’ve been working on lately and preparing for harvest, I realize that although it seems like I’m spinning my wheels at time, we’re noticing  things getting done and are excited for what the future and this coming harvest has in store for us.

We brought in some apple juice and are in the finishing stages of our blend to make a spiced apple wine. I felt like a mad scientist (except for the crazy hair-do) while I was adding, mixing and adjusting all different types of ingredients to get the perfect balance of apple and spices. This new wine will be available mid-September, although our Sincerely Sweet Wine Club members will be receiving the not-yet-released wine on September 1st as part of their quarterly wine package.

As we’re working on clearing out some tanks, we’ve busy filling bottles. Tomorrow, we will be bottling our 2014 Chardonnay and in the coming weeks our new vintages of Pinot Noir and Merlot will be entering the bottles.

In the past few months, I’ve been out scouting some vineyards in the Finger Lakes in which to source some fruit from for the coming harvest. Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn’t exactly nice to us this past winter (ok — she was actually merciless) and managed to negatively affect all of the vinifera grapes that are grown on the farm. I’ve been lucky to source out some great looking (and tasting) grapes for this coming vintage and am looking forward to working with grapes from vineyards that are new — here’s to a new challenge! The hybrid and native varieties weren’t hit as hard as the viniferas so no worries  – our most popular house wines will still be available despite the ramifications from this past very cold winter.

While I’ve been preparing and calculating the tonnage of each grape varietal to bring in, I’ve also been working on brainstorming several new blends and varieties Spencer, Derek and I will be using in the coming months. I’ve managed to obtain several tons of Maréchal Foch grapes which we will be using to create a dry rosé wine. Creating a drier red and a drier white blend are also on the horizon…..now if only I could come up with a name for the new ones. Feel free to send over some suggestions.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks and I’ll update about the harvest (running a few days earlier than usual) and post some pictures of the grapes we’re bringing in.