Welcome to Kris’ Korner…

Hello! Welcome to Kris’ Korner! So, I guess I should answer a few questions that popped into your head: Who is Kris, why does he have a blog and what is he going to be discussing?

Kris Tank RoomWell, to start off I’m Kris Kane, one of the owners of 21 Brix Winery. I am also the winemaker here and have been working in the wine industry since I graduated from college. My experience with grapes and vineyards actually began long before that since I am part of a third generation grape growing family, so I guess you can say viticulture (grape growing) and oenology (wine making) are in my genes. I’ve worked at Presque Isle Wine Cellars in North East, PA for eight years and currently still do consulting work for them. Most of my knowledge and experience have been learned through trial and error over the years. Through my work at Presque Isle, I oversaw the pressing of thousands of tons of grapes, worked with farmers, winery owners and home winemakers as well as taught educational classes to people with limited to extensive wine knowledge. Working a harvest season in Australia was a great experience and also taught me more about grape varieties that we cannot grow in this cooler climate.

Taking my background of viticulture and interest in oenology, I decided to open a winery with my parents. It took years of planning and paperwork but my dream finally came to fruition when we opened the doors of 21 Brix Winery in September 2011.

My main goal of this blog is to provide you with educational information about what is happening in the back production area of the winery. I’ll be posting information about what we’ve been working on, including harvest, fermentation of grapes, testing that we conduct as well as when new wines will be ready. I really hope to make this blog interactive so please e-mail questions that you may have and I’ll try to include answers to your questions in follow-up postings. I’m hoping that this blog can be used as a starting point to further your knowledge of grapes and wines as well as to answer burning questions from people wishing to learn more about this exciting industry.