Early Harvest News

With the feeling of summer in September, our harvest time is going great – we can’t ask for anything better! The warm days and cool nights have been a real asset to dropping the acidity and accumulating the sugar in the grapes. Both of these characteristics (acidity and sugar) aid in developing fantastic flavors in the grapes.


To date, we have brought in 7 grape varieties and have pressed them and they are currently fermenting in tanks. We’re working on keeping daily logs of each of these varieties by tracking the brix readings of each varietal by using hydrometers. These readings help us to track the fermentation of the wine and make sure that the yeast is dropping at a consistent rate. If we notice any issues with the brix readings, we would be able to respond quickly by warming up the tank or adding additional nutrients to keep the yeast happy. Happy yeast = happy wine (= happy winemaker).

Today (Thursday, September 24) is a Marechal Foch pressing day. We’re bringing in this new grape variety to make a rosé. We are thinking it will be a drier style rosé (0 – 1 % residual sugar) but only time will tell.

My eyes are on bringing in the Riesling and Chardonnay grapes soon. I’m still waiting for both of them to hit their peak ripeness but I will let them hang as long as possible. This will give us the best aroma and flavor possible making both of these better wines in the bottle.

Tank RoomGlycol PanelIn the midst of pressing and fermenting, we’ve been finishing up a construction project in the tank room. For those of you who have stopped by the winery in the past few weeks, you might have noticed that we’ve added an additional 9 tanks to the room, adding another 10,000 gallons in storing capacity. All of the tanks in the room will be temperature-controlled by a central glycol unit so that we can continue to produce the highest quality of wines possible.

Off to the press pad!


Glycol LinesSpencer Hosing Tank on PP