21 Brix Wine Club

Want to make sure you’re never running out of your favorite wines?

Join our 21 Brix Wine Club and receive all of these great benefits:

Discounted Event Tickets, Exclusive Special Event Coupons, Complimentary Tastings for you & guests, and upon sign up, you will receive two free 21 Brix tasting glasses! (Over $150 in extra savings!)

We offer three different wine packages to best suit your tastes:

Dry But Humorous Club $55

Mixed Loyalties Club $50

Sincerely Sweet Club $45

It costs nothing to sign up today; you only get charged when your quarterly shipment (December, March, June & September) goes out!

Check out our Wine Club Information Form to get the specifics.

Print off a Membership Application Form and bring it in (completed) to the winery, email the form (info@21Brix.com) or mail it to us at

21 Brix Winery 6654 West Main Rd. Portland, NY 14769

Call for any additional information (716) 792-BRIX (2749)